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Ultra High Pure Gases

We make sure that these are totally pure and free from critical contaminants that may cause interference and chromatographic column degradation to the instrument. We are able to arrange our gamut of ultra high pure gases in superior value through extensive gas cylinder preparation, gas services dedication of gas cylinders a..

Business Type :Importer, Manufacturer

Pure Gases

We are instrumental in as long as Pure Medical Gases, which are used for various checkup purposes in nursing homes and hospitals. Oxygen gas comprises 21% of earth's atmosphere which supports life and combustion. Air Carbon Dioxide Helium Nitrogen Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Medical xenon.

Business Type :Trader, Manufacturer

Industrial LPG

LPG touches our lives in so a lot of ways although we are ignorant of it from profitable establishment to Chemical industry, from accommodation to health, on or after clothing to glass, on or after livestock to hospitality, Bharatgas plays its role the length of the way in manufacture your crop superior, durable..

Business Type :Manufacturer

Industrial R.O.System

There are diversity of ranges obtainable at ORANGE EXIM in Industrial RO including DM Plant, Softners, Filteration Systems and Commercial RO including Jar Filling Machine, Jar Washing Machine, Pouch Packing Machines and Turnkey base Plants.

Business Type :Manufacturer


We supply quality Pure Argon Gas which is available in an pure form.

Business Type :Distributor


Our customers can avail from us elevated superiority range of Industrial Special Gases . Our range of gases is obtainable in different grades in terms of purity as well as productively caters to dissimilar industrial application needs.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Speciality Gases

Apart from our specified range of various industrial gases, we also manufacture and supply a wide assortment of specialty gases that finds applications in various industries

Business Type :Exporter, Manufacturer


With the help of our adroit team of procuring agents, we have been able to tender the clients a large assortment of Specialty Gases.

Suppliers :AJMER GASES
Business Type :Manufacturer

Oil & Gas Supplies

We can source a very broad spectrum of oil equipments ranging from easy items like nuts, unions to very complicated items like gas lift equipments and Quad Bop's.

Business Type :Trader, Service Provider


Ltr Canister with Flow meter Presuure -30 Kg Cm2 Volume -15 Ltrs

Business Type :Manufacturer