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Fire Fighting Products

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Fire Fighting Products

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Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) Extinguishing System

Helpful in extinguishing fire on deck. It works discharging dry chemical powder by pressure of nitrogen gas stored in bottles without external power source and gets into every opening space of the area for effective fire extinction.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Emergency Alarm

We provide premium design and performance Emergency Alarm in cutout/box size = 75*120*60mm and CTC=107mm features. Our clients can avail this magnificent range from us at suitable price rate.

Business Type :Trader, Manufacturer

Carbon Dioxide Gas Cartridges

IS 4947 Available Capacity in Kgs 40 60 90 120 200 250 300

Business Type :Trader

Fire proof cable coating and sealing system

Approved for preventing flame spread in grouped electrical cables. Highly effective, reliable, maintenance free and economical fire protection systems.

Business Type :Manufacturer

ABC Store Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher

ABC Store PressureType Fire Extinguisher ABC store pressure fire extinguisher is suitable for A Class, general paper, wood, cloth & 8 class inflammable liquids like kerosene, paints, petrol etc, & For C Class of fire gases in the compressed from. electrical and electronic equipment like motor, LPG, Acetelyne etc, no..

Business Type :Manufacturer

All type of portable & trolley Fire Extinguisher

Provide an extensive range as per customer requirements at competitive prices. These make effective systems for fire fighting operations in various areas.

Business Type :Manufacturer

safety equipment like Breathing Apparatus

Offering comprehensive range of Breathing Apparatus, Gas Mask, Fire Suits etc to clients as per their specific requirement and budget constraints. These are well tried and tested systems are highly competitive and cost effective.

Business Type :Manufacturer

PBS For Fire Alarm

FLP/WP Push Button for Fire Alarm Manual Call Point Standard IS2148-2004 1EC60079-1(2001) & IS13346-2004 IEC 60079-0(2000) EX-Protection: - Ex-"d" Type Gas Gr,: - I IIA & IIB MOC: - Pressure Die Cast Aluminum Alloy LM6 Zone Classification: -Zone 1 & Zone 2 Finish - Red Epoxy Polyester Powder Co..

Business Type :Manufacturer

Automatic Fire Detection, Alarm and P.A. System

Unitech Turnkey engineers are professional in designing engineering Automatic Fire Detection, Alarm and P.A. System to ensure safety of your premises. Owing to the flexible design and time & money saving installation features of our system, we become an eminent name in this industry.

Business Type :Service Provider

BC Squeeze Grip Cartridge Fire Extinguisher

POWDER Dry Chemical Powder Squeeze Grip Cartridge Type Fire Extinguisher Suitable for B& C Class Fire Class B Fire : Petroleum, Oil Diesel, Paint, Varnish, Solvent, Aviation Fuel, Flammable And Volatile Liquids Etc. Class C Fire : Flammable Gases, Live Electrical Equipments, Industrial Gases, Electrical Instal..

Business Type :Trader